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Is social media its new best friend or its worst nightmare?

I have known Robert Clark for over 10 years and I am very familiar with the other books he has written. Even though he has already reached the Number One position on the Amazon best sellers lists with his book “In Hindsight – a compendium of business continuity case studies”, I firmly believe that this is his best work to date.

Catherine A. Feeney MSc FIH JP

Overseas Lecturer for Edinburgh Napier University

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Ensuring Your BCP Actually works

"If there exists a warm, friendly book about business continuity, then this is it. Reading this book is like having an elderly but very experienced uncle teaching you about the subject, sharing their experience, the lessons they have learned and (business continuity) war stories. It is an easy read, not overly complex, and is sprinkled with anecdotes and lessons learned from Bob’s long career in ICT and business continuity"

Charlie Maclean-Bristol FBCI FEPS

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A compendium of Business Continuity case studies

Reached the Number One position in the Amazon best sellers lists

"I am constantly amazed by the number of executives who dismiss potential disasters as being too unlikely to consider, or who put off dealing with known risks because they have other things to worry about. This book is full of these people, and what happens in the case studies provides ample evidence to counter their complacency"

Martin Caddick LLB MBA FBCI MIOR

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Potentially the biggest survival challenge facing organisations

Historic records indicate that influenza pandemics have been amongst us for many centuries. There is no doubt that there will be pandemics in the future either related to influenza or some other microbe. It is not so much a matter of whether it will occur but rather when it will occur. Today, globalisation affects not only economies but also the risk of spread of disease. In today’s increasingly interconnected world, we remain very vulnerable to the spread of an infectious disease, as a virus can spread all over the world in 48 hours.

The case studies provide food for thought to all those responsible for preparedness planning for their organisation as they tackle all aspects within an organisation that need to be factored in within business continuity.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Clark’s book which is written in a style that makes it easy for anyone to understand without requiring a background in medicine or business. I have been involved in disaster management planning for the past ten years and yet I still found this book both enlightening and extremely informative.

Dr Tanya Melillo MD, MSc(Dist), PhD

Head of Infectious Disease Prevention and Control, MALTA

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